Modern fairy-tale

And the Princess fell in love with herself.

And she had her own castle.

And she won her own battles.

And she was known as the most fearless and mightiest queen in the kingdoms far beyon the seas.

This was the modern fairy-tale.

Dedicated to all you brave princess out there who are fighting through all the bettles of life on their own.

Remember, even if it seems you can’t lean on anybody, you should still stop once in a while and take rest to gather back your strength.

(Pictures by unknown)


14 thoughts on “Modern fairy-tale

  1. TImely for me. I am just beginning for figure out my own fairy tale, although it does not involve princes and such, but how to break a spell that was put on me from birth….


  2. I am a mere male BUT I have daughters and I celebrate the notes of defiance and independence in your poem. Respect !


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