musing on quarter night

The tempestuous current in front of us upsets me, I wish there was a way for me to pick it up, pack it in a sturdy ruck sack and toss is somewhere far away, without a single worry for its return.

But I guess that’s not possible.

I guess this is one of the many things we’ve to go through together, whether we like it or not.

There will always be paths we take and choices we make in life that will either break us or make us stronger. I hope that we know and choose the latter .

There is no one to blame.

They Say it’s always easier when there is someone or something to blame. But I can’t blame you and you can’t blame me;

So I guess we end up blaming life and the little cracks in between.

I don’t want you to feel dejected, and despondent. I guess I don’t want to suffocate, and trample you with my stagnant and protective life. I’m sorry I can’t do anything to make you feel better, though I really wish I could.

I guess love just isn’t enough to turn someone’s sunken cheek up, Love isn’t enough to hold two people together

inspite of their differences.

I guess sometimes there’s really nothing much you or anyone can say and do.

I guess time is an enemy we need to learn to use wisely and love. Time is an opportunity to believe, nurture and grow, Time can be a poison as much as it can be a medicine.

I guess hope is not for deluded and the blinded; hope is for the seekers and believers. I guess there will always be a glimpse of hope in this already wrecked life.

Because without hope, we will all lose;

We will all die a little inside.



You were like the meteor

That Descended into the atmosphere with such an incredible force, your light so bright, it blazed the inky black sky.

Everyone stood in awe admiring the spectacle on the dark shores of the night sky.

What a magnificent sight it was .

Then, all of a sudden, it come crashing down, tearing through the unexpecting ground, among the admirers, without a tiny shred of mercy.

I never understood and I think never will.

How something so beautiful could also be so ruthless ?


She sits on the escarpment of time, with the wind of her past hitting on her back, wishpering into her ears; supplicating her to learn from its mistakes, while giving her a reassurance that it will help her step forward.

But the view in front of her is nebulous, concealing her path from her eyes that seek to make sense of future; the destiny they are unsure of.

Yet there is thrill to the discovery of oneself, of all the experiences to have and emotions to feel.

Her heart sing as she jumps of the precipice, inspirated by the parachute of her present, of the world she has built, that promises to take her gently to the landscapes and vistas slowly reveiling themselves beneath her feet.

Modern fairy-tale

And the Princess fell in love with herself.

And she had her own castle.

And she won her own battles.

And she was known as the most fearless and mightiest queen in the kingdoms far beyon the seas.

This was the modern fairy-tale.

Dedicated to all you brave princess out there who are fighting through all the bettles of life on their own.

Remember, even if it seems you can’t lean on anybody, you should still stop once in a while and take rest to gather back your strength.

(Pictures by unknown)

These Scars…(Collaboration With Ana)

These Scars…(Collaboration With Ana)

It’s always my pleasure to collaborate poem with amazing friend sidharth’s , he’s talented amazing writer ,please do visit/follow his blog on
I’m sure you’ll love his works 😊


These Scars…

For you, my heart blossomed like a rose
Holding your hand when I held you close.
You seemed like an angel from my sweetest dream
But gullible I was to your sinister schemes.

I held your hand from dusk till dawn
But you abandoned me amidst life’s storm.
Scarred I was, with this dark, this destructive romance
Scarred I was, by your diabolical deceptive trance.

‘Always yours..’ is what you had said
But those feelings have now dropped dead.
Abandoned & scarred I cry in my bed
While scars of sadness bleed inside my head.

I feel helplessly alone at life’s every turn
As these scars make my heart burn.
These scars decimate my mind’s peace
These scars infect me like a dark disease.

Happiness fades from my soul’s bleeding shore
I can’t smile like I used to before.
New depths of agony I continue to explore

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Love was my test

Before I knew what love was, I thought it was easy like when you love, you expect to be loved back. When you give, you expect to receive something back.

When you’re hurt love can easily comfort you. I thought love was my medicine when I was hurting deeply. I thought love was my ally when the world pounded me and bombarded me with painful wounds.

I was wrong, love was my test.

Love was my enemy, love was the measurement of how I really want to spend my life with somebody. Love was never my redemption, love was there even to the point of my execution. Love stood under my umbrella. Love held me when I was drowning in my insanity.

Love stood beside me when the heavy eyes of the world judged me. Love built a roof when problems rained on me. Love taught me to dance in the rain. And when I was able to stand up and be strong again, love fulfilled his duty and then left me.


Sun vs Moon 

“​I am the Sun and You are my Moon.”
We are worlds apart, we’re different from each other.

I give light to people, to bright and lovely people who were loving me.

You give hope to people, to sad and lonely people in the evening.

I’m just a Sun giving light, sharing smiles with them.

You’re a Moon, giving directions, hope and guide.
I’m just a Sun giving heat, gives out harmful rays, to hurt their skin.

They hate me because I’m causing them to sweat that much especially the teens.

That’s just my purpose, to add up to their problem—just another distraction.

I’m just a crap that occupies space, that deserves destruction.
But you, you are the moon that mesmerizes people at night.

A symbol that there is always still hope even at dark times.

Yes, you’re not that bright , you are not as big as a star, But girl, you show that we should be always might, you help us to be tight—I became inspired when you’re at sight.

You’re not always right, but you are a guide.

Helping the lost people to find their way home, to be back on track.
You amaze me,

You make me smile and feel happy,

but i think that’s just that,

we’re just meant to meet on our path.

an eclipse,

but nothing more.

Yeah it hurts,

but please,

continue to inspire me more.
– By Omar  // Moon, Inspiring the Sun.
“You are the Sun and I am the Moon.”
I stare, I wonder and I adore.

Your bright rays, they always wander,

Unto the hearts of people,

Warming up their cold selves.

I look at you from the other side,

And I can’t help but think,

Damn boy, you’re the light that everyone needs.
So you see, dear Sun,

You’re not that bad,

You aren’t the one on the darkness’ embrace,

You aren’t the one to witness,

Whenever the Boogeyman,

Goes in and out of the houses,

Spreading terror,

Clouding my name,

Associating it with him.
Because you, my dear Sun,

You equate to hope for others,

Your coming and going,

They symbolize new beginning,

And that, my dear,

Is the best thing you can be
-By Ana // My Dear Sun 

P.s. My first collaboration with very talented young man Omar’s from Turkey. I’m very Happy to work with him.

(Artwork By unknown )