Lost soul

She is hopeless…

Alone, drowning in bitterness

Silently screaming in the darkness

Hoping someone would save her from loneliness.


She is alone…

Weeping, sobbing on her own.

Tears of blood…but wouldn’t hear her moan

Her heartache, too painful to be shown


She is begging…

For her heart to stop bleeding

During bedtime, she couldn’t stop crying

Can’t hide the pain, oh she’s dying!


She is broken…

Lost soul, trying to find her way home…

Crawling, wondering what would happen.

Will she be saved…or find another empty dome?



18 thoughts on “Lost soul

  1. She is strong ..too strong to bend..even the mighty sky cries in the rain..but when time comes they bear the storms too..she is a wind, a breeze..and a storm if she want to be one


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