Ending of 

​Love was like a parachute fall. We were both on the same plane, flying over paradise. Secured at the door and waiting for a sign. But the sign never came, so I jumped anyway, hoping you would follow. 
Love was like a parachute fall, but you left me fly alone. Now I have landed in paradise, wishing you were here, and you’re long gone, piloted by your own fear. Don’t come to look for me again, there’ll never be the same place, time or even plane. 


19 thoughts on “Ending of 

    1. Thanks so much Michael’s.
      I’m good 😊 , how about?
      That’s sound great of new blog , curious I’m to check the tips of your for quality relationship 😃 .

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    1. Hi Monika’s thank you so much for your sweet compliments and followed my blog , that’s mean the world to me , it’s make me overwhelmed with joy 😃😍💓
      thanks once again !


      1. Thanks for allowing me the fortune to have read this.
        And, thanks again! for being a regular reader to my pieces. (Please suggest me there, always, if there’s any need for changes in the things)


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