The Bridge of life 

The bridge is crossed, The bond are broken , lines are drawn , do not be mistaken. 

As what you left , on the other side of the bridge 

Will come to haunt you 

In your darkest  nights and cold winter mornings.

Once this match is lit and the bridge is burnt 

The ashes you will breathe , 

Of memories happy and sad, of people love and dead ,

Of Love lost and unspoken of .

Once this bridge turn to Ash , 

You ought to know , there’s absolutely 

No way back . 

15 thoughts on “The Bridge of life 

  1. Very substantial poem. So much there and so beautifully put together. I like your blog subtitle, Ana, referring to your “beautifully weird thoughts.” What a great phrase.

    Thank you for your visit and Like on my blog.


  2. Well, I wanna tell you, life is one of my favourite topics in poetry. And when I see someone composing such a beautiful poem on life, I think.. it’s indeed the best topic. An absolutely and utterly beautiful poem . Thoroughly enjoyed. I too have a website : please visit and comment about what you think about my poems . Hopefully you will…


  3. The ending is haunting, but perfectly true; “Once this bridge turn to Ash, you ought to know, there’s absolutely / no way back.” I’ve never envisioned life as bridge, before. Very creative.


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