My scars are so well hidden

that sometimes even I start to forget

that I still carry them around with me



all the time


Suffocated    (pray for humanity )

This photo is from east Aleppo after Syrian & Russian airstrikes in September 2016 because many of the bombing videos from Wadi Barada are not verified. Is this image the principled antiwar activist’s vision of a freedom struggle?

Mosul, Iraq, January 16th, 2017: 

How do you tell the difference between emancipation US-style & Armageddon?
(Photo by Muhammad Hamed/Reuters)

Between January 1989 & November 30 2016, there have been 94,589 deaths, 7,074 of them while in custody of Indian security forces. At least 22,828 women have been widowed & 107,594 children orphaned.

That is a terrible price to pay for freedom & a measure of its value to those denied it. We would know nothing about this were it not for Kashmiri activists on social media who post reports & photos of funeral cortege/protests numbering in the thousands for every person killed.

Long live Kashmiri Intifada. End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

Fullest solidarity & deepest respect for the Kashmiri freedom struggle.
(Statistics from Kashmir Media Service; photo from Kashmir Freedom) 


Loud cries of pain, bodies scattered around, the street where people gathered to spread love and celebrate happiness . 

Heart hurt to see, dozens of innocent people running away in horor from the nightmare none cloud foresee.

Terror crawling into thier minds as their teary eyes bag for mercy in a game where innocents blood is spilled .

“In the name of beliefs, I’ll shoot you thries, to further my misguided causes you all have to miserably die.”

Hate knows no limits, Terrorism has no relagion, Terrorism is sick, twisted mission to find potential targets once again.

An utter disgust to humanity , whatever happened to mankind and his decency ?  who is to blame , and who is not ?

Living with this uncertainty and fear is like living in a wrecked planet with no atmosphere, it’s suffocating . 

Will we ever find a way to resist this situation ? will we keep fighting to keep peace ?  or will we lose and let the world be plagued ?  

Will we join hands no matter the relagion, color and political views to build a world filled with love or will we see enemy everywhere ? 

P.s.  (let’s all do our part to spread love and happiness. Life is so unpredictable. please take a little time out of your to do good and to let someone knows that they are loved. my heart hurts terribly seeing the atrocities happening in the world .)