Unfinished story

You and I …

We’re an unfinshed story, burried under tonnes of unsaid words…

Our story is like the moon, It keep turning around our lives, disappears for a while, comes back after sometime and shines brightly for good some nights, Our story lightnes up many of my nights But still we can’t reach it …

Something mysteriously weird but deeply charming, drag us back to it  An unexplained attachement we have, Our story is like the moon  It’s has a dark side too. A side filled with some lies, hidden feelings, stubborn ego…

When will we have a proper end? 

I feel it’s approaching But parts of me don’t want it to come, no matter how it’s going to be, happy or sad …

Because for a good while I got used to this magical story we have and I just don’t want to lose it …

{Illustration by unkown }

Let it heal for yourself 

Let it hurt—

Pick those flowers on your lungs and let it wither.

Let your heart stop beating for someone who doesn’t deserves it. 

Let yourself be burn to your worst degree.

Fall right down on your knees and scream the damn pain inside you. 

You’ve let the love to do its work, let it hurt. 

That’s part of its work.

Let it bleed—

Let the tears roll down your face. 

For once, allow yourself to be an artist. 

Let your mouth bleed with the unspoken feelings you’ve been wanting to say and be the author of your own story. 

Let the abstract in you be seen by the people who are doubting you. 

Do not cut your wrist, blood and scar might ruin your skin. 

I know, your heart was cut by the words they’ve stabbed on you, let it bleed with poetry and speak for yourself.

Let it heal—

For how many times people could’ve told you that time heals. 

Let me now tell you that it’s you, and you only, who could heal yourself. 

You could pick your broken pieces and build a better and stronger you. 

Let it heal, not for anyone. 

Let it heal for yourself. 

Even for once, let it be for yourself.

And let it go. 

Snap out of the darkness you’re in right now.

Let go of the pain that’s stopping you from moving forward. 

Let the toxic people go, you could’ve been better without them. 

Stop holding on to the anchor. 

Stop drowning yourself from sadness.

You could always be happy. 

Just learn to let go of the things that keep you away from that possibility, just let go.

Ain’t easy 

Getting over you ain’t easy

I let you in a bit to deep

but that’s the problem with us poets

we don’t look before we leap

we tend to trust a bit to quickly

from our senses we depart

put our trust and faith in sorrow

then turn it into art
Getting over you ain’t simple

I let you in a bit to far

but that’s the problem with us poets

always wishing on a star

we do not listen to the wisdom

that we learnt along the way

fall in love with those that break us

so we can write and say
Getting over you ain’t easy

I let you in a bit to quick

you saw my heart was standing open

came in for lick

you only  thought of your own pleasure

your lust satisfied

came and used my one true treasure

the rest of me denied
Getting over you ain’t simple

I let you in a bit to fast

but that’s the problem with us poets

we fall for things that do not last

then we fall apart so quickly

end up with a bleeding brain

sit alone till the sun arises

to write about our pain 

{Artwork by unknown }

Broken a wish . . .

I wish . . . “

I used to dream of being a princess , falling in love with a boy on a magic carpet , and living in a whole new world with him .

I never thought I’d give up that dream just to be a genie , trapped inside an old rusty lamp, waiting to feel your hands on me , waiting to know all the desires you keep inside.

I’ll grant all your wishes , not just three.

Just make my only wish come true ,     and that is for you to love me .”


You left me ,                                             And now I feel empty.

Inside my chest are echoes ,                 The recurring songs of sorrow.

You showed me kindness and Animosity,                                                   And it was the perfect mix of artistry. 

I lit up fireworks inside my room ,       To get that past feeling  I had with you .

So bright and exciting , but also dangerous and blinding . 

The sparks burnt  every Hope and pictures I keep ,                                           Now I’m just wallowing in it’s ashes.

But I lay here thinking of letting you go While watching the disastrous firework show. 

Guest post // at the open grave – by Michael 

Let it out, you can’t hold it together.

Not now, at the open grave:

Where the vulture diggers are hungry 

For another body

Stacking them high

Sprinkle dirt, flick holy water,

Tread carefully…collapse into a family member

Who hugs you too tightly, but right now

It feels right, or real.

The rain plays with us

Like a fickle child

And I am suddenly drained

Nothing touches me,

There are only lurching stomach pains

And no more sandwiches left when we arrive

I just wanted a drink, to try and help.

It doesn’t

They dug a grave in my heart today

And it stings.

Poetry by Michael 

Artwork ~ unknown 


What you’re tasting maybe bitter,       But it’s just the quick dullness before the shimmer. 

Your life maybe under debris and rubles,  but one day it will all lift off like kisses and bubless .

Maybe you’re tired of playing guessing game,   on whether you’re going to be fine or  you’re going well on flames .

But that’s how life keeps it colourful, By not only adding bright colours ,     But also the dull. 

Just don’t panic if you haven’t learn how to fly , 

You are still a Caterpillar transitioning into a Butterfly.  

The Bridge of life 

The bridge is crossed, The bond are broken , lines are drawn , do not be mistaken. 

As what you left , on the other side of the bridge 

Will come to haunt you 

In your darkest  nights and cold winter mornings.

Once this match is lit and the bridge is burnt 

The ashes you will breathe , 

Of memories happy and sad, of people love and dead ,

Of Love lost and unspoken of .

Once this bridge turn to Ash , 

You ought to know , there’s absolutely 

No way back .