I wonder what Love looks like,                  is he the peaceful sound of the night? Or is he wild like the waves crashing against the rocks?

I wonder where he is right now .       Have we seen each other somehow?     Or is he waiting somewhere across the world? 

Wherever it whoever he is ,                        I hope he knows that there’s  a hearth beathing for him. 

And one day we’ll  see each other and time will slow down,                                And it’ll feel like we’ve known each other somehow .

And that’s it.                                             The rest will be history .


Thank you 

Deep into the night, I find old pieces of myself. 

From the dark days; Back when I needed help. 

Full of dust and full colors, I revisit my past through an old wooden door .

Picture and memories when I still cried at night , 

Back to the night’s where I would always lose my fights.

But poetry saved me.

I wrote it all down and I exploded with ecstasy. Now I’m rising and my pieces are flying back to me.

From salty tears and melancholy words, to radiant eyes and harmonious poetry.

P.s; thank you so much for supporting my blog! This poem I dedicated for my followers and likers 😊❤  .                    And there is more and more to come !  I love you all 😘😘😘