My scars are so well hidden

that sometimes even I start to forget

that I still carry them around with me



all the time



I feel like a place people go to bury the love
they don’t want anymore, to plant things they know
they don’t have the time
to tend to.
And I know that I am more
than the sum
of all the people who could not love me,
but I am always quick to forget this.
In my sorrow, every fresh goodbye sounds more like an “I told you so.”
I hear it in the sound
of my own voice.
You said “sometimes people aren’t running away
from you,
they’re running away from themselves.”
But it never feels like that.
I see your good shoes stuck in my muddy earth.
I see footprints
stretching out away from me
and nothing else.


I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to react, I don’t know why this happend to me; I do not deserve this at all. I overwhelmed with LOVE.

I absolutely cannot say what I want to say because the amount of joy you all have brought me is almost paralyzing (in the very best way.) 

Every single individual that has stopped by, that followed, that has commented, that has shown their support for my work is responsible for this achievement. 

I want you and write for you, Every single one of you. I can’t say what the future hold for me, or for my work but I hope you stick around. I hope this serve as a reminder; ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING . YOU ARE NOT LIMITED !!!

Thank you and love you all 😘😘

Recognition award 


Hi Anna’s here, first of all I want to extend my sincere thanks to Rohit Srivastava from it starts with A coffee  for nominating me for Blogger Recognition award ! What delightful surprise!  ^^         Receiving an award from you is one of Greatest moment in my life as blogger .

it starts with A coffee blog always brings encouragement and joy to my day ! And they have many fascinating posts . I hope you will visit them lovely blog aften 😊 

How I  started blogging .

I love writing any random stuffs,  flow my heart words into poems. than just come up idea “why not try to blogging besides writing in diary’s ” to share with people across the world In this beautiful journey’s  😄😄 

For the advice. 

As new blogger here I’m not going to give advice but I would like to say ” Be  yourself ,write from your heart and enjoy the creative process !”

Here come for the nominate 

First of all ,I appreciate all of you ! According to me it is very difficult to nominate just 15 bloggers as I feel everybody is equal deserving and I sincerely hope to highlight namely the blogger which I’m not able to mention here .


Love you all 😘❤