“Someone” (collaboration poem with Sidharth’s)

On a night, under the scattered stars

Mercilessly, you gave me scars. 

You ripped my soul apart 

As from my life, you decided to depart. 

I cried helplessly, my soul screamed

You faded, like an unfulfilled dream.

Your memory, still haunts me in my sleep 

But even without you, I know I’m complete. 

Hopes in my heart, still echo & beat 

For someone, who’ll be willing to heal me.

Someone, who’ll admire my inner beauty 

Someone, who’ll breathe joy within me. 

Someone, who’ll kiss my brutal scars

Someone, who’ll value my heart.

Someone,who’ll be my light in the dark

Someone, who’ll  be my shinning star.

Someone,  who’ll have a heart of gold 

Someone, my hand who’ll always hold.

Someone, who’ll comfort my aching soul 

Someone, who’ll love me even when I’m old.

You left me broken, but I won’t whine 

Someone, would turn my cry into a smile. 

That day my heart will dance, I will shine

With someone, whom I would call mine.

Note: You don’t need another human being to make your life complete, but let’s be honest. Having your wounds kissed by someone who doesn’t see them as disasters in your soul but sees them as space through which they can put their love into your being, is the most calming thing in this world. 

In this poem I collaborated with sidharth and I thanks for him for using the foundation of my idea for this poem. he’s a flawless writer do visit his blog https://sweetdevil69.wordpress.com   he have many fascinating post with his amazing creativity writing . I’m sure you guys will love it 😊


Love story in the sky

The sound of the rain

Never ceases to amaze me.

Have you ever thought 

What  secrets were passed down to earth when those drops hit the ground?

Have you ever wondered, the thunder isn’t just thunder,

It’s the anger of the sky towards rain.

Have you ever felt the love between sky and the earth,

And the only way it can communicate 

Is falling down on the earth in the form of tears.

Our kingdom’s 

Welcome to our marvelous kingdom 

Here resides the most charming crowd;

Envy is insecurity’s dies-hard fan,

Jealousy-the backstabbing friend of bitter man.

Anger’s mighty sharp bleed’s defend these ground;

Lies and deceit, our finest hand makers of crowns.

Then there’s greed,

The lad that blinds many a night owl in town .

By all means, make friends and have fun.

Here in our marvelous kingdom’s,

We never run out of clowns.

Collaboration poem with sidharth jain

A painful illusion

You are;

All the things I can’t have.
All the dreams I can’t save.
All the troubles I can’t halve.
All the burdens under which I cave.

All the horizons I can never meet.
All the issues I can’t beat.
All the grudges I can’t unseat.
All the anger my mind continues to heat.

All my jewels that on me can’t shine.
All my happiness that can’t be my smile. 
All my melodies that I can’t rhyme.
All my love I can’t call mine.

I can have everything, but why can’t 
Everything be you ?
Why can’t I get what I feel is due ?
You had to walk out of my life, 
Right on cue.
Just when I wanted to start a new
Just when I surrendered my soul to you

Turning your back you’ve left me now 
But someday your ego will bow
Don’t expect me then to hold your hand 
Don’t  expect me then to say ‘I understand’

I bid you goodbye, I bid you farewell
As I withdraw from your satanic spell
I’ll find someone on whom I can depend
My broken heart that special someone will mend 

 It hurts when you love someone from the core of your being, just to end up being emotionally victimized by them.It’s a traumatic experience when someone plays with your emotions by projecting a false illusion of love. This poem aims to describe about that same traumatic experience & also tries to emphasize the fact that if someone doesn’t break your heart then you probably wouldn’t understand the value of that special someone who is willing to unconditionally mend your broken heart. I was able to make this poem thanks to my dear friend sidharth who collaborated with me on this poem, he is a very talented writer do visit his blog > https://sweetdevil69.wordpress.com/

The love resides 

All my rustic Life 

I was in search of Love 

Fancied by fairy tales

Obsession over happy endings

I wandered where the love resides? 

In the crush of charming heartthrobs, With artificial beauties flirting around 

I wandered where the love resides ?

Filling the void of loneliness, Involving people we call friends

I wandered where the love resides? 

Greedy of wealth and health, Begging from God’s for all 

I wandered where the love resides ? 

The longging for being desired, fueled by the curse of lust 

I wondered where the love resides ? 

For it was no where to be found, unless I heard the whispering of my tired heart 

That . . .

Only here the love resides 

Only here the love resides ! 

Roller Coaster 

Life has a new surprise 

Waiting outside of my door 

It never adds up to a satisfying day because they’re all 

Heart wrenching surprises 

I wish, I could skip all the bad one

And find only gold boxes waiting at my door 

But then would be good 

Even be seen at all ?

It wouldn’t 

Because Life is a Roller coaster 

With all it’s  up’s, downs and stops

You have to life with the decision of getting on .