You and me

There are just edges that never fit,

It’ll only turn out as a tragedy.

When colors mix in the saddest way,

It produces an image of you and me.

When dead trees sprout in the middle of The freshest meadows;

And flowers wilt in the beginning of spring

And when fireflies loses their glow,

It reminds us of our things.

When clouds cry and never stop,

And stars fall in the form of shards,

When towers tumble from the tops,

It reminds me of our heart.

When lightening inhabits  every cloud,

And When words and laughter seem so foreign to us,

When we see to each other but no sound,

It’s reminds me how we faded to dust.

So every time,

When someone say the word of “TRAGEDY”

My mind can’t help but come back to the time, 



17 thoughts on “You and me

  1. I wanted to catch up with you because I been kept away until I posted by so much.
    My OkCupid app is broken like your old love.
    How would I have guessed that all the things unsaid in the long profiles, the unreturned messages, the messages that never led to real meeting or connection…….
    How was I to imagine that your poem would contain all the answers.
    You’re never alone in love. There’s always someone else
    In her heart

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