Collaboration poem with sidharth jain

A painful illusion

You are;

All the things I can’t have.
All the dreams I can’t save.
All the troubles I can’t halve.
All the burdens under which I cave.

All the horizons I can never meet.
All the issues I can’t beat.
All the grudges I can’t unseat.
All the anger my mind continues to heat.

All my jewels that on me can’t shine.
All my happiness that can’t be my smile. 
All my melodies that I can’t rhyme.
All my love I can’t call mine.

I can have everything, but why can’t 
Everything be you ?
Why can’t I get what I feel is due ?
You had to walk out of my life, 
Right on cue.
Just when I wanted to start a new
Just when I surrendered my soul to you

Turning your back you’ve left me now 
But someday your ego will bow
Don’t expect me then to hold your hand 
Don’t  expect me then to say ‘I understand’

I bid you goodbye, I bid you farewell
As I withdraw from your satanic spell
I’ll find someone on whom I can depend
My broken heart that special someone will mend 

 It hurts when you love someone from the core of your being, just to end up being emotionally victimized by them.It’s a traumatic experience when someone plays with your emotions by projecting a false illusion of love. This poem aims to describe about that same traumatic experience & also tries to emphasize the fact that if someone doesn’t break your heart then you probably wouldn’t understand the value of that special someone who is willing to unconditionally mend your broken heart. I was able to make this poem thanks to my dear friend sidharth who collaborated with me on this poem, he is a very talented writer do visit his blog >


24 thoughts on “Collaboration poem with sidharth jain

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and beautiful compliments here, thats mean alot for me πŸ˜„
      And I’m glad to know you here in this beautiful journey , you’re an amazing artists, love your paintings, the way you play with colors just amazing !

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I feel your heart. Odd how sad yet simultaneously encouraging it is to read a compatible sentiment. Would it be narcissistic to say I like your style? πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. Quite a powerful piece. Accurately describes the feelings of pain & loss experienced after a breakup. Can feel it within me.
    Sometimes powerful emotions are also a great muse for me, as it may have been here. I wrote a poem describing a feeling of loss & desperation as one finds oneself consumed by self-doubt & confusion.
    If that sounds interesting to you, do have a read here:


  3. i love this so much.The message is so real,the pain so deep, and the sacrifice undeniable, and too much for a person who just intends to smash your being.But moving on is crucial,and after the heartbreak,rising is the only best way out.I expressed this in my poem EMBERS OF A BROKEN HEART


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