Sun vs Moon 

“​I am the Sun and You are my Moon.”
We are worlds apart, we’re different from each other.

I give light to people, to bright and lovely people who were loving me.

You give hope to people, to sad and lonely people in the evening.

I’m just a Sun giving light, sharing smiles with them.

You’re a Moon, giving directions, hope and guide.
I’m just a Sun giving heat, gives out harmful rays, to hurt their skin.

They hate me because I’m causing them to sweat that much especially the teens.

That’s just my purpose, to add up to their problem—just another distraction.

I’m just a crap that occupies space, that deserves destruction.
But you, you are the moon that mesmerizes people at night.

A symbol that there is always still hope even at dark times.

Yes, you’re not that bright , you are not as big as a star, But girl, you show that we should be always might, you help us to be tight—I became inspired when you’re at sight.

You’re not always right, but you are a guide.

Helping the lost people to find their way home, to be back on track.
You amaze me,

You make me smile and feel happy,

but i think that’s just that,

we’re just meant to meet on our path.

an eclipse,

but nothing more.

Yeah it hurts,

but please,

continue to inspire me more.
– By Omar  // Moon, Inspiring the Sun.
“You are the Sun and I am the Moon.”
I stare, I wonder and I adore.

Your bright rays, they always wander,

Unto the hearts of people,

Warming up their cold selves.

I look at you from the other side,

And I can’t help but think,

Damn boy, you’re the light that everyone needs.
So you see, dear Sun,

You’re not that bad,

You aren’t the one on the darkness’ embrace,

You aren’t the one to witness,

Whenever the Boogeyman,

Goes in and out of the houses,

Spreading terror,

Clouding my name,

Associating it with him.
Because you, my dear Sun,

You equate to hope for others,

Your coming and going,

They symbolize new beginning,

And that, my dear,

Is the best thing you can be
-By Ana // My Dear Sun 

P.s. My first collaboration with very talented young man Omar’s from Turkey. I’m very Happy to work with him.

(Artwork By unknown )


25 thoughts on “Sun vs Moon 

    1. Thank you so much Ali’s, InshaAllah will continue to do . . 😊
      Yea the painting it’s really beautiful, it’s source from Google, I hope you enjoy with the poem , Honestly I’m nervoused with the results !

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