The wither love 

I think about you every day.

Every day in the enclosure of my dream world.

I hope about you every day,

that you will live the life you´re keen of.
The words that have been left unsaid,

the deeds that were left unforgiven,

the proofs that took my pride and yet

nobody answers or received it…
Some day you might just know the difference

of who I were and what was I to give you.

Some day I might not mind the distance

and the cold you left for me to fear of.
Someday the wind might gently whisper

something of a faded memory 

and somehow you will suddenly remember me

inside the warmest sunrays that I am now sending..

And if this memory becomes a smile,

and if this smile becomes a heartbeat,

I hope it fills you even for a moment or a while-

so I will know this love has never wither. 


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