Unfinished story

You and I …

We’re an unfinshed story, burried under tonnes of unsaid words…

Our story is like the moon, It keep turning around our lives, disappears for a while, comes back after sometime and shines brightly for good some nights, Our story lightnes up many of my nights But still we can’t reach it …

Something mysteriously weird but deeply charming, drag us back to it  An unexplained attachement we have, Our story is like the moon  It’s has a dark side too. A side filled with some lies, hidden feelings, stubborn ego…

When will we have a proper end? 

I feel it’s approaching But parts of me don’t want it to come, no matter how it’s going to be, happy or sad …

Because for a good while I got used to this magical story we have and I just don’t want to lose it …

{Illustration by unkown }

19 thoughts on “Unfinished story

    1. Thanks so much Ali’s for your kind words 😊
      Theirs nothing to be rude to proofing someone as blogger here , just keep sharing our thoughts on writing! Cheeeeerrr . . .😉

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