I don’t think soulmates really are those people we end up marrying. I believe soulmates are the people who choose to stay through every phase of your life. It’s before the wedding. It’s during every heartbreak. It’s during every big moment, they are there. 

It’s through every funeral where words can’t even be exchanged. It’s in every loss and disappointment. They whisper in your ear who you are, what you want and whatever this is it won’t beat you. They are every call when we feel alone and 2AM and darkness feel like it’s welcoming. 

When you hate yourself they don’t. 

When you don’t want to forgive yourself for mistakes, they do. 

When you’re settling they pull you aside and remind you of your worth and what you deserve. 

They set this template for what it is you deserve in everyone in your life. 

They’re there for every accomplishment and are your biggest cheerleader. They’re your number one fan before anyone else believed in you.

You know any success you have in your life is in large part because of them.  

Through staying with you in every phase of life, they prove somethings don’t change even when you’ve changed as a person and have grown. Somehow they grow with you. 

It’s almost like if you dissected who you were a large part of that is them.

Of the many things you are confident in, most is them. You just know they will always be there no matter where each of you end up. 

There really isn’t a greater compliment than knowing one person for certain will be there on your wedding day. Likely with a killer speech humiliating you. 

They are the most positive force in your life and you wish everything were so easy. 

They are every first like on social media. 

They are plans you don’t know just yet but you know they are a part of.

They are the door that is always open, even when you don’t call. 

They pick you up every time you fall reminding you angels aren’t just figments of your imagination but rather these people who walk with you carrying you through life.

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