Guest post // at the open grave – by Michael 

Let it out, you can’t hold it together.

Not now, at the open grave:

Where the vulture diggers are hungry 

For another body

Stacking them high

Sprinkle dirt, flick holy water,

Tread carefully…collapse into a family member

Who hugs you too tightly, but right now

It feels right, or real.

The rain plays with us

Like a fickle child

And I am suddenly drained

Nothing touches me,

There are only lurching stomach pains

And no more sandwiches left when we arrive

I just wanted a drink, to try and help.

It doesn’t

They dug a grave in my heart today

And it stings.

Poetry by Michael 

Artwork ~ unknown 


19 thoughts on “Guest post // at the open grave – by Michael 

  1. HI Ana,
    can I have a guest post of my english poetries on your blog?
    u may reblog any of my english poem or u may send me e-mail i.d on which I may send the poetry for guest post


    Liked by 1 person

      1. ya sure I will.
        by the Ana you belong to which country & what professionally you I couldn’t find the About column in ur thats y asking…


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