You left me ,                                             And now I feel empty.

Inside my chest are echoes ,                 The recurring songs of sorrow.

You showed me kindness and Animosity,                                                   And it was the perfect mix of artistry. 

I lit up fireworks inside my room ,       To get that past feeling  I had with you .

So bright and exciting , but also dangerous and blinding . 

The sparks burnt  every Hope and pictures I keep ,                                           Now I’m just wallowing in it’s ashes.

But I lay here thinking of letting you go While watching the disastrous firework show. 

11 thoughts on “Firework 

  1. I never buy fireworks! They are beatyfull to see but like all good things … too many too much …takes the magic away.
    Create the situation in which you like to celebrate … then reward with a hugg.


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