Poems -by Michael’s 

​I’m honoured to received collection poems from Michael’s by email.

Michael’s  runs a lovely site, full of his writing and beautiful photography. he also generously donates some space  to feature the work of others.
If you’re not already familiar with Michael’s blog, I recommend a visit – it is a happy, positive place and is frequently updated with lots of new and inspiring content.
So here are short poems photograpy by Michael’s ; 
           * Dead Space *

Cold steel and plastic walls contain inside
A basketball hoop and a dim orange ball in a small side room

A small and pathetic attempt at feeling something else 

Other than fear, and it was growing now.

It moved through the ship like an anxious thought, building to a gripping terror then receding back into suggestive shadows.

Green, it stood out putrid yet acidic

Melting though the floor and taunting the blackness.

Somehow so sinister in its brightness.

True fear was painfully near and the anticipation hung near their mouths

Like a breath waiting to be stolen and taken away.


        * Shades *

Two flies splattered and stretched onto a thin metal cross

Rear view mirrors mounted together in reverse

Everything is a little bit darker when you’re around

Lying on me or else where

You’re restless and you’ll go anywhere

Are you running away? 

Shades, you colour the meaning

And shape the texture of my life.


          * Street tree *

What have you felt?

Over the years as smoke hit your leaves, sun drenched your soul, wind whipped at your bones and rain soaked your mind.

What have you heard the people say?

Late at night when desperate people cry into their phones beside you. 

When all the world holds its breath only to be shaken by taxi cars and bawling youth

What have you seen?

As the days and night spin and twirl above and around you moving beyond to where you cannot go. 

What have you felt?

When no one is around, in the silence, what secrets do you reveal and still keep?


By Michael’s –


11 thoughts on “Poems -by Michael’s 

  1. I read both the poems. I found them indeed very amazing and beautiful. After reading the poems, I thought , I should follow this blog, and so I am. Keep this fabulous poetry writing going ahead, and produce some seriously good ones. Well, not to everyone, do I tell about my blog. I tell only those, whom I feel , I should.so here it is: https://incrediblepoetry.wordpress.com. please visit and comment, about what you feel about my poems. And follow, if you really like my poems, hopefully you will…soon…☺☺


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