They say masks are just for masquerade ball; 

Feathered, coloured ,  And encrusted with jewels.

But the most common mask in reality is skin;

Foundation soaked deep into our pores and lips stained from cheap gin. 

Scrubbing and scrubbing at our reflection; 

But we cannot erase our complexion.  

Our flaws lie beneath the mask , covered up and buried in black.

Changing everything about ourselves until it is only personality we lack.

A symmetrical face, skinny, and tall ,

Long blonde hair, latest clothes , why does this matter at all ?

Take off the real mask, don’t let it be your downfall ! .

{Photography by unkown }


35 thoughts on “Mask

  1. Are the words that we speak not also a mask? Or type, at least. But I do agree with your sentiment that our appearances, physical or otherwise, are not true reflections of white lies hidden within. After all, ‘appearances can be deceptive,’ don’t they say?

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    1. I’m agreed with you here sometime we wore mask on the words we speaked, or all those deceptive .
      But Remember don’t let it be your downfall ! Thanks for your beautiful compliments here Matt 😊

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      1. I’ve written a few poems previously about this premise, which I’ll post as I work through my current backlog. Reading this though did inspire me to write another of my ‘ramblings’, which I’ll post once it is typed up.

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  2. Behind every mask is the reality of who we are. No one can wear a mask all the time regardless how hard they try. But for the sake of self preservation, we use masks to hide our vulnerabilities too (or at least I do). I use masks to keep people at a distance until for fear of being hurt.

    Having said that, I am learning to be selective at who I let see behind my masks. And, I don’t wear makeup, but understand that it helps us believe people see us as we want them to see us.

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  3. Fantastic poem! I love the choice and style of wordsπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ I wrote on the topic of one hiding behind a mask a while ago on my Instagram, and although we are saying the same thing it’s great to see another way it can be said πŸ’•
    Sophia πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback Sophia, I’m glad you loved 😊 . It’s really great we’ve wrote on same topic , I hope you’ll sharing on wordpress too .I’m kinda read your beautiful works !

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  4. ‘lips stained from cheap gin.”- I loved this. It is funny and interesting how everybody hides in all the different ways they do, I know we all can do without it. It’s like we’re all afraid of something with no real threat.

    Loved this Ana πŸ™‚

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  5. One of the joys of letting my face age naturally into my 60’s is that the lines tell my story. Lots of laugh lines. Abraham Lincoln said after 40, you are responsible for your face. No mask needed any more.

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