Mirror , mirror on the wall , 

Depicting me as round and tall , 

But when I take a step and spin , 

I become quite short and thin .

Squiggle my profile, flatten my pride, No matter my movement it won’t subside . 

A plié  here , a dip, and a shuffle ,

Won’t save me from this circus kerfuffle.

Down I fall on the checkered floor ,       And to you,  I still implore ; 

Through lover eyes, so you perceive me?  seeing through this carnival debris ? 

For this skin that I call home , 

And these feet on which I roam , 

And these eyes so muddled by tear , 

Aren’t what should be held dear .

For a Rose, by any name , 

Would remind quiet near the same .

But, I know , I am no flower .

I grow weaker by the hours , 

Succumbing to the accordions song , 

As if it were part of me all along . 

{Artwork by Tomer Hanuka}

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