This girl needs no saving, 

 she is no damsel in distress,

 she needs no fancy castle, dear, 

To prove she’s once a princess,           

her royal Mark’s not on her skin,       

But in the way she walks with grace , 

If confidence could have been drawn , 

It must have looked just like her face , 

For she’s born with a wild heart ,

But with a mind that could tame all , 

Her words, the string to everything , 

Her eyes, the blade priencing through walls, 

Her hands were made for giving , 

But also taking what she desires , 

Her ears were made to listen , 

To words she’ll soon backfire , 

But through all of these armors , 

You’ll find a diamond soul ,

The kind you’d deem as delicate , 

But more valuable than gold ,

She’ll be as strong as ever , 

But she has weaknesses too , 

For the bravest she can ever be , 

Was for herself to be true ,

And now here she comes alighting , 

Her elegance brusting within ,

“Chin up”, she says, “your crown might fall” , 

Bow down before the Queen’s 

 (illustration by unkown )

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