(illustration by kathrin honesta)

I surrendered back to my room

Staying steady under cold sheets.

The skies won’t calm down for hours now

And here I curl up in darkness

Wishing you’d never hear.

 This noise my chest is making 

Because my heart has a way of beathing 

Too loud when I fell the skies is falling

Just above my roof .

I wonder, was the thunder ever made from my veins ? 

My brain has storms it has been brewing 

My eyes has been crying, a lot more than the rain pouring 

And here I curl up in darkness 

Wishing you’d never hear .


45 thoughts on “Storm 

  1. It’s really lovely poem, Ana. 🙂
    But I think if you use some other author’s work to illustrate your poems, you should definitely add name. That would be nice of you. I don’t believe that you want that someone uses your poems like their own.
    Have a nice day! 🙂

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  2. So you just deleted my comment, where I say that you should refer to this artists name, whose work you use? That’s shame. I thought you are great person. Disappointed.
    The author of this illustration is Kathrin Honesta, not you.

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    1. I’m really sorry for here misunderstanding, I don’t delete your comments, it’s just gone to spam ;
      My posts here it’s written by me . For the illustration it’s from facebook post and I don’t know the author . Since you informed me about I’ll put it on the credit and my thanks to you . Have a nice day 😊

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      1. It’s alright dear ,it’s happened sometime 😊 I don’t know why many comments on my posts it’s gone to spam I just founded it out , anyway feel free to remind me when something wrong here OK 😉

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      1. Woow this is excellent ! You nailed it well, it curved the feelings . Now I knew you’re good writer too 😉 and your choice is good one . Love the tunes .

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