The warnings of poet’s 

“Don’t break a poet’s heart.

If you do, it’ll hurt you less but you’ll pay a little more. she’ll write you saddest poems that your soul can’t contain. it will consume you like fire that will burn you into ashes. 

Those open letters she’ll inscribe on senescent papers are all about you ,    all about the pains that you’ve coused her. 

Her words are sweet paybacks that will slowly rip you into pieces. engraved on those words were a mark of a broken heart that would curse you even when you’re asleep . 

She might grasps your reasons but you won’t figure out the agony she’ll bear and it will haunt you the way it hurt her during cold nights. she’ll torture herself through writings that’ll make her weep time to time and it’ll terrify you . 

The messages will spread deep down your system and and it’ll heightened the grief you’ll encounter after destroying her .

Don’t break a poet’s heart. she’ll swear metaphors, an outburst of her distress you bought upon her. 

Don’t break a poet’s heart and this isn’t a kind of threatening reminder . This a a kind of sincerity out of her purity.

Don’t break a poet’s heart . Her words are magical yet it will tear you down more than paradoxes.” 

(Illustration by unkown )

37 thoughts on “The warnings of poet’s 

  1. A poets broken heart . This is correct about the writing but sadly the person that hurt you will never read it they don’t care about you.

    If you nailed it to their front door it would be rained on in the flower beds where it is tossed like trash unread and uncaring .

    I person that hurts you doesn’t read your poets cry they wouldn’t understand it if they did and would be sure it is not them your speaking of but yourself.

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      1. I wish I could write down all the pain ever poured over my soul by every man woman and child that had hurt me so deep I didn’t know if I would ever breath normally again. I would write down the pain and the feelings but the ones that hurt me the most are dead or just don’t have the brains enough to understand what they distroyed by their unfeeling , selfish and destructive words that made my live for them shriveland die. Such a shame but everything that killed love opened me up to know own what I didn’t want.

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      2. I’m so sorry for you , I don’t know what exactly happened with you , but I can felt how hurt it is , I been in that stage many times , and the most hurtful by my own family . It’s need much time to overcome with it . ALHAMDULILLAH with the grace of Almighty and loveI’m able to forgive 😊.

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    1. Thank you so much , the illustration are cool and I like it too but is not mine , I wish to give credit to the artist’s whom make this great wrok .😊


      1. You are welcome! Periodically, I take the day or three off, so if you do not hear from me then check back. I really like your work quite well, and I want to keep reposting it. (Sometimes my attention span is obliterated by the sheer volume of material! That can cause me to forget to check my favorites.)

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