Change my life rhymes…

Please time, Change my life’s rhyme..

I don’t know how, 

Just to it right now,

Blow my soul far away from this damned land, a land that I can’t neither love nor stand.

Here, where there is no lover or a friend.

Please time take my hand,

Wipe away my tear,

Let me see clear,

Make fear disappear,

Please time go fast,

I want to forget and take some rest,

Tell clouds to pour the rain,

To wash my soul and heal my pain,

Please time let my sorrow go,

And show me tomorrow,

The tomorrow that I believe in..

That I want to live in.

Please time answer my call,

Break that wall,

And show me the right way.

Until you answer.. I keep on telling my pray.

6 thoughts on “Change my life rhymes…

  1. Now this is an excellent poem! In the Maxims of the Sages (Ming era aphorisms), it is said that a hundred human years hold a thousand years of anxieties. Thus, I would not be surprised if you just gave voice to what untold numbers of people from all walks of life are thinking.


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