I sew beautiful words

To please the eyes 

Of a dreamer

Little fairytale

Embroidered with lies

A land of illusion

Created by me

I wish

It was that easy

Turning my fantasy 

Into reality

But truth remains

There would be no smile

To carve

For the tears 

Won’t stop flowing

And so I cry

No regrets

Just keep wishing

Upon the stars

That soon

This tears will be my joy

A reward 

For my patience and faith


11 thoughts on “Fairytale

      1. My request , plz write more in english so easy more me to understand as I am not gd in Urdu. While the pics of two kids in ur blog is expressing love -touchful -pain . It’s touched me ☺


      2. alicyana dear,
        you know what through we kashmiris are going, every day we heavenly inhabitants pass through hell. so called paradise on earth, has been turned into deadly mirage.
        so pain is our only asset.

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  1. I am understand perhap that’s not enough, although I am not kashmiri’s but I can feel the pain .my dua’s for all brothers and sisters of kashmir may Allah wipe all the tears forrever and shower with happiness

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