On days when everything’s numb, I think I should feel bad, but I don’t. 

And yet I do. 

When someone asks what’s wrong, I say I’m just tired. 

And it’s true.

I’m tired of all this. 

This life that makes no difference. 

What’s the point in caring about something that doesn’t last?


16 thoughts on “I’M TIRED

  1. Nothing lasts forever, not even the mountains and rocks, then what are we and our materialistic posessions.
    The point of life is, it is a journey, things and people will come and go.
    It is up to us if we are happy that those things/ people were at least part of our journey or sad that we can not forever be stuck in that same place of our journey.

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  2. Nothing is permanent, everything everyone comes to us so that we can know more of life, live more of life….. All we need is to be grateful for what we get – accept – let go – to get more……. Life is just to experience, explore.
    Hard anything is because we attach ourselves to them…. We think we are this body, once we change the perception and realize and see we are not this body but above this things will be easy, beautiful sweet…. Yes hard very hard but why then stay this way….. Why not take a step forward and change.

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      1. I speak my heart out….. Don’t know if they are good or beautiful nor am too much worried anymore…. Felt to share thus shared….
        Thank you so much for reading and writing back with smiles and sweet and kind words…. Thank you so much….. Be blessed…..
        NAMASTE 🙏

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  3. Beautiful poem, as someone interested in Buddhism, I find energy by reading sutra teachings that teach that our life is ours to write, and that with each good deed, our fortunes in this life and the next can be changed for the better and our dreams could indeed take wing.


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