Long distance Relationship

I was lying in my bed one cold sleepless night

Thinking if you’re allright

Misses our conversation under the starry sky

Butterflies in my stomach that makes me wanna fly

You came in unexpected time
Moments when love is never in my mind

But you never gave up

You introduce the poison called LOVE

Minutes, hours, days and weeks passed
All I wanted is to be your last

But nothing ever started

Confusion and illusion, that’s what I created

Time comes and feeling became so strong
I’m standing still, waiting for you to call

But suddenly you’ve changed, feelings became unsure

If you can’t love me back, then just let me know the cure

I’ve come to realize that distance is not really parted by miles
Sometimes, the longest distance is between 


P.s ;I wrote this on my diary some time ago 

(illustration by unkown )


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