You’ll always have a home in me 

You were my comfort zone, the place I’d go to when I wanted to be taken care of, the place I’d run to when I was scared and the place I’d hide in when I only wanted to feel loved and when I didn’t want to face the real world.

You were my shelter from all the ugliness in the world and you were my shield from all the hardships of reality.
You’re the best home I could ask for but I need to see other homes, I need to live in other neighborhoods, I need to sleep in different beds and I need to drive through unfamiliar roads.
You’ll always be the home that has my heart but it’s my soul that’s on the prowl this time.

But I promise you, you’ll always have a home in me, no matter how far I move. I promise you, I’ll never forget the years you painted a happy home for me, the years you tried to convince me that life is easy and smooth and the years you made me feel beautiful.

Now I need to paint my own version, I need to create my own life, I need to find my own beauty and I need to understand who I really am.

But one thing will never change — you will always be the home I come back to when my life turns upside down.  

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