Lies between reality 

Wishing to travel the world, when the whole universe lies within.

Aiming to reach milestones when you’re not ready to go even a mile for others.

Wanting to live in the moment yet dying to make memories. 

Oh soul, In a world made of matter, nothing matters.

Saying things that you don’t mean.

Promising infinity when you cant assure your next breathe. 

Giving your least and expecting the best.

Despite being least humane, you’re called a human.

You Expect Iove while your heart is full of lust.

You act pretentious when a grain of sand shows your worth.

Why don’t you look within, through your darker soul?

If atoms make galaxies then it forms a part of you too,

Oh cluster of atoms, you’re no less than a galaxy.

Let the inner beauty come out, let others see you inside out.

The Divine soul that resides within, make Him proud.

(Photo-by unkown )

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