About us . . .

I just want it to make sense.

Something about us, what we were…what we are.

You see the world as I do, or I guess I should say that you and I see the world as it is.

What’s the point of life? Simply to see what comes next.

And I guess that’s how you and I function as a whole. We’ve never had a definite plan, we’ve never known for sure- you watch what I always unexpectedly do, and I end up finding you in all of the unexpected places. I walk against the herd because I’ve known nothing else… do you watch me so closely you always know where to put yourself?

Or am I unconsciously always walking to you?

You call me pretty and smart. But I’m not curious about the things anyone can easily name off… I want to know why you take the sting of my witty words and creative mind. I want to know why you watch me go against the world and you find a way to place yourself in my path.

There may only be one other person in this world that understands you better than I do, and I think that’s why I have such a desire to break you open and pick you apart. I want to see all the light that surrounds you, and I want to understand the darkness that seeps within you. You don’t understand this world the way you and I do, without having darkness. 

Somehow, even with hundreds of miles, to a couple of feet, you seem to seep into my mind easier than the darkness I know. I don’t understand it. I have perfect people in my life, I have happy people in my life, yet I am drawn to you regardless of how I feel and what I do.

I always wanted us to have a happy ending, but I can’t place if you are a blessing or a curse to me. I can’t decide which one would be worse. 


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