Love that sets free . . .

With a smile I accept all your blames

I will not show you my heart burning in flames

If you have suffered anguish and pain

No one noticed my tears in the rain

For I know beneath that anger lies a caring soul

Who has played the most important role

You have redeemed this lost soul of mine

Taught me that despite the pains life is fine

I don’t care if you see me as a blatant liar

It can’t get worse than burning in the flameless fire

I accept every pain and anguish with a smile today

Because of your love, my life has been filled with an ethereal ray

For me love has no boundaries of beginning, middle or end

It is not like any other feeling which follows regular trend

It is enough for me that I love you, and you cherish me

My love has no borders, it is meant to relieve and set free

You to feel and think as you wish and go where you like to be

But know that, you’ll be carried in my heart always as a part of me…

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