Long lost writer

​It’s been a while, and for a while I didn’t really notice where and what was missing? until I finally realized that I don’t remember the last time I had kept a physical journal. I feel really sad about the lazy human being I have become. I miss writing and somewhere in the dust, Don’t know what had me so busy that I forgot noting down everything the way I used to. I feel so not myself.

Writing has always been my thing. I always am very better at putting stuff into words then saying it verbally. I stammer when I have to. Often in my office ,class, during a lecture, sometimes I have a stronger opinion but my voice fails to catch the words require to convey whatever I want to say. Yet, However, I still manage to say it somehow. I feel really proud of that. The fact that I’m loud and outspoken is the reason I put a lot of emphasis on my voice 😂Sigh! People take that as rudeness.

I am better off with my stationary bags, when I am making cards, writing poems and writing whatever my heart feels like. The very best way to let out what annoys me from the inside. I’m a person with a perspective that written material, coming straight away from the heart has the power stronger than that of a sword. I like writing/typing. So completely my thing! I’m always swooning over my ability that makes me actually different (To some people, it’s craziness) I love being crazy if it’s this way
I’m obsessed with colors. I love brightening things. I love bright lights. Tall lamps and short lamps. Colored walls. I love making handmade cards. I also love sleep. Because I see beautiful dreams. I love CAPITAL letters. How they can Emphasize on what is being put emphasis on. I love exclamation marks! The certain alert feeling that it portray – is wonderful. I love writing randomly about what i feel. About what I feel is right and what isn’t. About dates and days. The exact accurate time along with the minutes and seconds. I love noting down all the teeny tiny details. Every bit of everything. And, these all – can be best done in a journal. Sometimes what happens is that a certain situation, a person or a certain place makes you feel something and that certain thing can only be perfectly narrated when you have a pen and journal at that very moment. You see, the beauty of a picture can be captured and kept. Similarly, A writer draws the beauty of a thing in words. When it is read, a picture is made in one’s head. An original one from everybody’s own mindset. It’s beautiful the way it’s done!!❤

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